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I'm afraid that IF I ever find a coding job, I won't remember how to do any of it. Aside from taking the exam, I haven't done anything relating to coding since December '07 -- and that was just school work. Is there anything, online & free, that I can use to refresh my memory?

Do you attend your local chapter meetings... They hold a wealth of information. There are also coding site and newsletters that have a "Test your Knowledge" questions and posts. If you enjoy E/M coding, there is also EM to help keep your skills sharp.:D
I found this site helpful when preparing for the exam...

Hello! I'm not sure what your looking for exactly,but here is a link to several free interactive coding quizzes on various topics. You can take the practice tests to refresh your memory and such. Hope this is helpful. :)
There are also tons a free resources out there, try,, They all offer regular webinars with free CEUS, usually monthly or so. These resources give a presentation, usually with slides or a power point presentation to go with it, something to look at after the webinar. You can also find out about other webinars with litte or no cost, just google.

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