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I work for a very large Orthopedic pracitice. We are discussing consultations within the group. We have only one board certified Trauma specialist, but all of the surgeons are under the same TIN. We do have 2 doctors and their PA's who mainly see spine problems, unless on general orthopedic call.

Is it ok to bill a consult if you send a patient to another doctor in your group who may do more shoulders, knee or spine than you do and may have more
expertise even though they are taking over their care?

Hopefully, the patient will receive their initial appt. with the doctor who routinely sees their type of problem, (spine, foot, hand etc) but that is not always possible.
Thank you so much for your help.
Lynn S., CPC
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i also work in a large ortho practice which all physicians have the same TIN.
Many of our docs have sub-specialities. It is ok to bill consults from one of your docs to another. we do this quite often. just remember that if the doc that has already billed for fx care ie. ankle fx, then refers this pt to the anke foot specialist for an orif, this pt is still within a global and a consult can not be billed at that point. i hope this makes sense to you.