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Hi everybody i need some clrification regarding ICD-9 cm selection COPD and emphysema please . Thanks

Not sure what your looking for, but in ICD-9 the exclusions under COPD says: Note: This code is not to be used with any code from categories 491-493.

The reasoning is that COPD is a combination of bronchitis and emphysema, so any of these codes, including either one, would not be coded in addition to COPD.

Is this what your looking for? Anyone else?
COPD is a NEC code that should only be used until the cause is identified. If the patient has been diagnosed with emphysema that is what should be used. It states in ICD-9 that 496

Excludes chronic obstructive lung disease [COPD] specified (as) (with):

allergic alveolitis (495.0-495.9)

asthma (493.20-493.22)

bronchiectasis (494.0-494.1)

bronchitis (491.20-491.22)

with emphysema (491.20-491.22)

decompensated (491.21)

emphysema (492.0-492.8)

Laura, CPC