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My name is Brittney English, I am a motivated certified coder seeking a part time job opportunity remotely

Hi Brittney. I don't know how much you have read on this forum about remote coding opportunities for coders without experience but if not, here is the reality. Coding is very difficult and is getting more challenging by the day. As a remote coder you do not have work colleagues to ask if you encounter a problem. Trust me, having a CPC is by no means a guarantee that you know everything or indeed anything.
I am aware that there are a handful of companies out there who will hire inexperienced coders on a remote basis but they are very few and far between.
I have over seven years of coding experience, have been a provider as well, and don't really want to work remotely, but need to get out of the job I am in now for many reasons. I have applied for many positions that are remote because there are no local jobs. Have I been offered anything?....not yet.
So, my point. Get some experience coding in a position that is not remote. That way, providing the job is somewhere that has people who will help you, you will learn. This profession is all about learning. Then start looking at remote possibilities.
Good luck.


True Blue
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I noticed on the resume you list 2 years of experience using codes. You may want to try to follow the information about getting the A removed. That may help in the job search. Most people i know who have their A removed don't actually do production coding so you could possibly have enough for that step