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I'm new to this site. I'm currently not coding, though I've coded for quite a few years. I'll be taking the cpc exam next month and would like to review any guides/tools to “‘take the edge off” that aren't too costly. Any suggestions ??

Go to a Barnes and Noble if there is one near you. There is a CPC exam review book by Saunders that is very good. It also comes with a CD that has 2 practice tests for you. That will give you 300 different practice questions. I used to teach coding to prepare students for the CPC exam and this is the book I used. It was very helpful and the questions were very close to the type of questions on the actual exam.
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Hey I actually just took my cpc exam on the 20th and I found the above mentioned review book from barnes and noble very helpful. I finished the exam an hour early and felt confident about taking it.
One or two words of caution about the Carol Buck study guides.

Whether you're purchasing on-line or in-store, be sure to get the correct edition for the year you take the exam. There can be rather noticable differences between years. Border's also orders/carries this book. However, I've found you must ultra-specific with the staff because they will seemingly order according to the title and not realize the importance of the year-edition.

Good luck to you.
Thanks to all who replied. I purchased the review guide 2007 by Buck at a college bookstore nearby. Looks like I've got some reading to do. (haven't down-loaded the CD-ROM yet)
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