Wiki Cpt 99053 - overnight for work


Greene, NY
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Can any physican that goes to the ER during 10:00pm and 8:00 am use
this code. Everything you read relates specifically to ED physicians using it.
Our surgeons are called in quite often overnight for work related injuries and
I would like to be able to use this.
This is not provider specific. You're probably seeing examples of 99053 in the ER because that is the most likely site for 24 hour services.

It is reportable for other clinicians who meet the requirements set out in the code descriptor. As for whether it's payable, that's something I cannot comment on.

Good luck.
You can code it, most carriers (at least in Pennsylvania) do not pay it. Check with your carriers though because if it is payable in your area you do not want to lose out on that revenue.