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I need help with these 2 codes. Is there something to look for in the op note to tell which code is the correct code to use. Is a labral repair coded as 29806 if the op note does not say it was a SLAP tear? Also if a Bankart and a SLAP is done do I use modifier 51 or 59? Thanks for the help.
If the procedure does not support a type of SLAP tear, report 29806 (ie: A patient can have a labral tear but the tear isn't a SLAP or type of SLAP).

Report both 29807 and 29806 per AAOS and AMA if SLAP type II or Type IV is performed in addition to capsulorrhaphy (CMS bundles, verify carrier guidelines)
If The Op Note Does Not Say It Is A Slap Tear I Would Use 29806 Is That Correct? Like A Anterior Or Posterior Labral Tear? Thanks For The Help
Bankart and SLAP repair capsulorraphy

Would one append modifier 59 to CPT 29807 if a type 2 slap repair and a bankart tear were repaired with capsulorraphy (29806) to CMS? Thank you!:)