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Question CRNA Questions


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We are adding another maxillofacial surgeon to our Arkansas practice and, though he is certified to administer anesthesia, he has requested us to hire a CRNA to administer anesthesia for all his cases. If moderate (conscious) sedation is administered, can we use CPT codes 99143, 99144, 99145, 99148, & 99149 on the same claim form as the procedure and file it under the oral surgeon's NPI (or facility NPI?) Or does the CRNA's work need to be filed on a separate claim under their NPI using the codes 00100-00352? The oral surgeon is insisting he has always billed the anesthesia charges all on one claim form under his name/NPI. Also, if deep sedation/general anesthesia is provided by the CRNA, how should that be billed? I'd assume we should use the CPT codes 00100 - 00352 on a separate claim form filed under the CRNA's name/NPI, but the surgeon doesn't seem to think that is necessary. This is a new area for our practice and I want to make sure we are not breaking any rules. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks


Sherman, TX
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If the CRNA is providing anesthesia services (MAC, general) he/she needs to submit a separate claim under his/her NPI with an ASA code (anesthesia CPT) code with the start/stop times. Anesthesia is billed based on time (Base units of the ASA code + time + Physical Status if P3 or higher).

Moderate (conscious) sedation, when administered by the surgeon, may be submitted on the surgeon's claim.