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I need help with coding "doppler flow wire" in the femoral artery. I have been looking and just cannot find a code for this. I appreciate the help!!

ACCESS SITE: Left femoral artery. #4 French sheath placed using
the Seldinger technique following local lidocaine anesthesia.

RESULTS: Angiography. This confirms the disease in the distal
aorta, the preocclusive right iliac and the eccentric calcified
stenosis of the left iliac. Using the just distal left iliac
angiographically, the appearance to my eye is in the 30% range.
Extensive plaquing with moderate narrowing is then present
throughout the inflow but no significant stenosis until the common
femoral where critical 80% stenosis is present near the #4 French
sheath insertion site. The ongoing profunda and then diseased SFA
is then visible.

Doppler FloWire - Radi wire.

Careful pressure measurements were performed with both pull-back of
the guidewire as well as using the sheath as a reference with the
Radi wire in the more proximal aorta.

RESULTS: Aortic pressure 160/68. Mean 43. Left femoral artery
110/56. Mean 42 for a peak-to-peak gradient of 6 mm and a 1-2 mm
mean gradient from the central aorta to the left common femoral.
This is not deemed significant.POSTPROCEDURE DIAGNOSES: (1) Moderate calcific inflow stenosis of
the left iliac with diffuse narrowing through the left iliofemoral
inflow. However, no critical stenosis is present. (2) Doppler
flow wire confirms the lack of significant pressure gradients from
the central aorta to the left common femoral with at most a
peak-to-peak 6 mm systolic gradient, 1-2 mm mean gradient.

Dolores, CPC CCC