Wiki Excision of osteophyte, talonavicular joint

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Not sure which way to go with this one, mostly because of the site. Part of the op note reads:

The talonavicular joint spike was identified. An incision was made....and carried down to the underlying soft tissues which were carefully dissected off the joint. The joint was then exposed and a sharp needle inserted and again the C-arm used to verify where the osteophyte was. It was able to be removed with a rongeur.

In the H&P he says the osteophyte is on the navicular bone, but in the post-op Dx, he says "osteophyte, talonavicular joint."

I asked a fellow coder how she would code it and she came up with 28020, which is "arthrotomy, including exploration, drainage or removal of loose or foreign body, intertarsal or tarsometatarsal joint."

I don't have the exact code I came up with right now, but I went removal of osteophyte from a joint and I ended up with something to do with the soft tissue. Any suggestions?
Talonavicular is pertaining to the talus and navicular bones. What about 28120?