Extensor tendon repair with capsular repair


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Can anyone help with this?

The patient had a laceration of LD3 at the PIP joint. The following is from the op report.

Wound was explored. It was noted to go through the extensor mechanism through the capsule and into the joint. The laceration was extended distally on the radial side of the digit. Flap was developed. Joint space was exposed and irrigated with antibiotics irrigation. After this had been accomplished, capsule was repaired with interrupted 4-0 Tycron sutures. Extensor mechanism was then repaired with interrupted simple and figure-of-eight suture. The remainder of the wound was then closed….

The question is can I code the capsular repair as well as the extensor tendon? If so which code? I'm pulling out my hair out on this one and I know it shouldn't be this hard. Thanks for the help.

The extensor tendon repair and..... you may want to look at using the 20103 for the capsular repair. Be sure to read the instructions for reporting the code as well as the lay description to make sure it meets your needs. (i've checked the CCI edits and they do not bundle)