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I'm having a little difficulty with Medicare regarding the G0181--on a few claims that I submitted, one or two came back paid but didn't have the required information that I found out you need on the claim. Does anyone know why some are being paid without the required information? Please help. Thank you.
As opposed to G0180 and G0179, the only way I've gotten Medicare to cover
G0181 is when the to/from date on the claims spans the entirety of the month

example: 6/1/2015 - 6/30/2015

Sorry wish I was more help
Billing G0181/G0180

I work for a orthopedic practice, We were told by a home physical therapy vendor that we could bill G0180 or G0181 every 30 days for plan of care certification. This would be in the post op period for y for joint replacement surgery. Our understanding is that PCO is covered for the surgeon under the global period? Who is correct?