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Does anyone know how to bill for a Gravitational Platelet Seperation System?:confused: I code for an ASC and we have a orthopedic surgeon who wants to do this procedure here and we have never done anything like this before.
I had never heard of this before either so of course I had to do some searching on the internet. This really isnt a "procedure" performed on a patient from what I can tell its processing of platelets. I dont know what type of procedures he would be performing in an ASC setting that would justify the use of this equipment/process but then again surgeons always come up with something. At any rate, I dont think that this is going to be something that will be reimbursable through an ASC (new technology??) but you may want to contact Biomet whom I believe would be the provider of this system to see what they say (although I very rarely take the advice of a vendor). Here is the link

If you do come up with something or anyone else has heard of or been doing this, please share as I would be interested in learning too. :)
I am not familiar with this but I did find something on it in this months issue of Ortho Coders Pink Sheet. It's discussed in the Ask Margie section. Maybe this might be of some help.
We do not have a subscription of Ortho Coders Pink Sheet. Can you share what is says? Materials Management has decided that we are probably not going to let him do this procedure here but I am interested in knowing about it now.
If you would like to private message me your fax# I would be glad to get it over to you.:)