Question Healthcare Business Monlty Sept 2019: Assess Documentation to Validate Risk Adjustment Coding


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Criterion of "depression episode" and "DSM" is referenced in this article for supporting conditions. We encourage best practice documentation always but my question is where in the ICD10 guidelines does it state for depression requires "episode of care" and for dependence "DSM" is required? I am asking more as a reference to support the use of these standards. Currently in the ICD10 guidelines Section I, A, 19 it states: The assignment of a diagnosis code is based on the provider's diagnostic statement that the condition exists. The provider's statement that the patient has a particular condition is sufficient. Code assignment is not based on clinical criteria used by the provider to establish the diagnosis.

Was this article referring to pulling conditions out of the record for submission if they were not listed as current conditions under A/P? Thank you.