Help coding lumbar/thoracic discectomy


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We did a L2-3 discectomy and through a separate incision did a T11-12 discectomy. I am thinking 63030 and 63030-59 or else just using the unlisted code 64999? What's your opinion/idea?
Thanks in advance
Mary, CPC
wouldnt 63035 be more appropriate for the additional level? Or do you use the 63030 because its the T-spine rather than the L-spine? (I am not a spine specialist, however when I checked the crosscoder, the T-spine dx codes are approved diagnoses)
If the procedure was for a laminotomy I would use a 63030 and a 63035, like Mbort said. However, it could also be coded as a 63046 and 63048, depending on what the op report says (was it for spinal stenosis, etc.?) Hope this helps!