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Am getting ready to do my certification and i came along this question.

Which code classifies preinvasive cancer of the female breast, upper-inner quadrant?

Is this malignant of benign? if malignant how do i know if it's primary or secondary?
What are the other codes

Have you looked up the definition of cancer in situ so you can decide if that code is also a possibility?
where I can see and print my CPC course certification?
If you mean your exam results, hover over My AAPC on top right, then click "Exams" under My Account. Click the exam, then the screen shows the date taken, exam, location and results (just Pass/Fail). There is an option to click to see score. That gives a breakdown of the results for each section of the exam.
how to make an appointment for the CPC Exam in-person, please?. What rules and procedure should I follow? what is the phone number to call, please
Roll your mouse over the My AAPC, go to Purchases/Items, and you should see a link near the center of the page that says Schedule Exam.