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I have been approached by a certified yoga instructor to bill 97110 & 97530 --does anyone know if these codes would work, where can I find the documentation. All in all can and how this would work?
Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

Marcie N.:confused:

Hi, Marcie. 97110 and 97530 are in the CPT book, Medicine section, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation subsection, Therapeutic Procedures heading.

They are used once for every 15 minutes of treatment. Do not use modifier 51 but instead report each 15 minutes separately.

Anyone else out there who is reading this, please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks, Ruth (student coder):) :)


Wow! This is a new one on me. I think it best to look into the scope of practice regulations in the state where this yoga instructor is located to determine whether yoga instructors are authorized to perform these physical medicine and rehabilitation services. This needs to be determined before you decide what to bill as you may discover that a yoga instructor is not qualified by state law to perform these services.

You may want to start with your state's department of health.

Maryann C. Palmeter, CPC