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Doctor did and I & D of the arm ( abscess/cellulitis)in the operating room.
2 days later he went back tos the operativng room for what he called a
"second look I & D".
My question is, the 2nd procedure. Do I use a 78 or a 76 modifier ? Any suggestions ?
If he didn't say he was going back 78.
If he did indicate he may go back 58.
I do not consider it a repeat procedure or service on a different date.:)
Hope this helps.
Lynn, CPC :)
Saw this note and thought someone had peeked into my medical records...EEK, as I had same scenario personally performed this week. OUCH! Ok, since this was just a "take a peek" and no additional procedure was performed (???), this would be within the ten day global period. Would 58 really apply as it really wasn't "staged". And in my case would not modifier 76 be more appropriate for a repeat procedure done by the same doctor? Is that second visit really billable and where/how would CPT 99024 come into play here?

Suzanne E. Byrum (self titled Queen of Questions and Queries)