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I Am Looking For Icd-9-cm Codes For Gardners Snydrome, Desmoid Tumor And Afp. Right Now I Have 238.1 And 211.3. Any Input Would Be Appreciated. Thanks
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287.2 for gardners syndrome -
where's the tumor at?
what's Afp?(sorry, I've not seen that before)
311 - depression

I got 211.3 for Gardner's Syndrome, 238.1 for tumor connective tissue (unspecified desmoid tumor), and the only AFP I am familiar with is the test Alpha-Fetoprotein which is a tumor marker. Could the AFP be a test? Hope this helps.
211.3 is benign neoplasm of the colon (appendix, cecum, ileoccecal valve, large intestine NOS) isn't it?

The patient has

1. Gardner's Syndrome - which a genetic disorder characterized by the presence of multiple polyps in the colon together with tumors outside the colon.

2. A desmoid tumor (sometimes referred to as aggressive fibromatosis) is a rare tumor that may or may not be part of a genetic syndrome such as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), in this case it is.

3. And AFP, which I think the doctor means AFAP - That is what is on the hematology/oncology report - Attenuated Familial Adenomatous polyposis.

I don think that I would code the AFP separately, I picked 211.3 for Gardners, and 238.1 for Desmoid. Gardner's syndrome has merged into (FAP) and is considered a phenotypic varient of FAP.
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