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I like to know overall how are the reimbursement issues on implants coming along on anyone. . Is it a slow process or do you get paid with no trouble.? Just curious. also on fluroscopy also. asc
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Thanks m bort but when you bill an implant do you bill the procedure dx or do you add another dx to implant. Maybe a v code to it . We are getting some denials here and i am just trying to figure out if I myself may be missing something or it may just be the contracts .
I apply the same dx that I put on the procedure code that the implant is being used.

For instance, if a patient has a RCR (supraspinatous 840.6) and a SAD for impingement (726.2), they use anchors for the RCR, so I would put only the 840.6 on for the anchors (c1713). I would not link the 726.2 to the anchor.

now m bort you know i work at asc free standing that is -my billers tell me i cant use c odes . i have have to fight with them or maybe its just not in the contracts . i will do re search , thanks
yes I know you are at a free standing ASC....and please pardon the pun..but your billers are "full of it" UNLESS your contracts direct them differently. The only carriers that I do not use the C codes on are Medicare and few other government driven carriers. I have one contract that requires we use the 99070 (which to me is WAY wrong) but we have it in writing so we do it.

So what do you have to use the L8699 on everything?
just about . L CODE L CODE - NEVER GET PAID. IT makes me sick . ,. They tell me that its not in contracts. Starting today regarless i will use some c codes , and i guess we will so call fight about it -screw -anchor -any implants with exception of medicare i should bill - right?
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