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We've been trying to file electronic claims with Medicare but keep getting an error message saying a detailed description of service is needed. When details are added, it's rejected for details/description of service. Is anybody else having this problem or does anybody have suggestions on how to handle this? Thanks.
NDC Number maybe? diagnosis code link? hard to tell without some additional infor, what other codes were submitted and what dx codes werre linked.
Here are some that are being denied: #1: 715.96 Osteoarthritis, 99213, J3301 RT, 20610 RT, 1006F, G8447.

#2: 715.90, 715.94, 402.10, 272.4 & 99214, 1111F, G8427, J3301

#3: 715.90, 724.3 & 99213, J3301

#4: 715.90, 715.96 & 99214, 36415, 20610, J3301 RT

#5708.9, 414.00, 401.9 & 99213, G8447, J3301

Any help you can give will really be appreciated. Thanks.
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We had got an error and I don't recall what the error said exactly but we needed to start billing the codes with the NDC Code, NDC UOM (unit of measurement), and NDC units. I haven't seen any issues with them since then I don't believe.
If your using a electronic system it would be hard to tell you where but on the claim form i believe it use to go in the pink box above the date(s) of service. I just pulled up a claim that I have a J code on and I don't even see the NDC number printed on it but I believe I had seen it there before.
Check with your Medicare contractor. We just needed the name of the drug, not the NDC number. Also, they should be able to tell your where you should add it on the claim. Good Luck!

I had the same problem and after some research it involves the new 5010 format. In the addition information field I list the name of the drug and how many MG. They are getting paid by Medicare. I hope this helps.
From Guston, J3301 denial issues

With HCPCS code J3301, I have searched high and low until maybe one last try.
In my case, we are using Kenalog 40, for Physician's Office.
I tried NDC code without space,
Triamcinolone Acetonide 10mg, appropriate unit.
I still get the rejection.