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I have a physician wanting to enter an agreement to use another physician's equipment for bone density scans.

- they are neither in a group practice nor are they in the same building
- he would pay a flat fee per test to the physician that owns the equipment and bill the 77080 himself; he is not leasing a block of time

Is this legal? What about a location code?

I have been digging around the web and cannot seem to find the information I need.

why does he have to bill globally for the dexa? can he just bill for the professional (26) and the dr who owns the equipment bill the TC?

We have arrangements where we bill the 26.... I'm not sure about billing globally. i know that we leased equipment a long time ago and they billed for the tc for everything... we just billed 26. they got paid for the technical, we got billed for 26 and that was that.

i *think* as long as your physician no financial interest in the other practice you should be okay... and as long as there isn't a "referral" issue .... like i.e. if your doc makes a deal w/ the doc who owns the equipment that they have to send all of their patients to them ... i know you definitely can't do that... i believe its a stark violation...

i would talk to your lawyer just to be sure. thats your best bet.

hopefully this helps a little...
I wish that is what he would only bill the -26 but they have agreed on a flat fee per test that is less than the TC reimburses. So, he would get a little more money if he bills the global code.

You are right, this is a question for a lawyer.... not a coder.... I hate legal speak!