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The Procedure Description For 24575 Reads Open Tx Humeral Epicondylar Fracture Medial Or Lateral, Includes Internal Fixation When Performed.

Can This Be Billed Twice When The Medial And Lateral Side Are Repaired.

"once The Nerve Was Adequately Freed, Exposure Was Obtained Both Medially And Laterally Along The Colum Of The Distal Humerus. The Fracture Was Then Reduced With Fully Threaded K Wires. Once The K Wires Were Placed, Reduction Clamps Were Also Placed To Keep The Fracure Reduced. This Reduction Was Confirmed Under Floroscopy. The Medial Plate Was Addressed First. A 3 Hole Medial Plate Was Then Placed On The Medial Epicondyle. Screws Were Placed Across Into The Trochlea As Well As Along The Shaft. Once This Was Complete, Reduction Clamps And K Wires Were Removed And Attention Was Directed To The Lateral Condyle. A Posterior Plate Was Placed Along The Lateral Condyle. This Was Secured Distally And Proximally. The Plate Was Secured Without Complication.