NC Medicaid billing No Show Visits


Mint Hill, NC
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Can anyone tell me if you can bill a NC Medicaid patient for a no show visit. I know you cannot bill Medicaid, but can I bill the patient directly for a no show visit charge. I think I can since this is allowed by Medicare as long as we bill all patients for no show visits, but would like some authoritative documentation to support my opinion.

Unless you state medicaid says otherwise you cannot bill patient for no shows. For instance in Alaska, state specifically allows no shows billing to Medicaid patients.
Medicaid "No show"

It should be in the NC Medicaid provider manual. Look in the physician chapter.

This is what the Alabama Medicaid Provider Manual says in Chapter 28 page 6:
If a provider routinely accepts Medicaid assignments, he/she may not bill Medicaid or the recipient for a service he/she did not provide, i.e., "no call" or “no show”.