needs detailed contents regarding CSFAC exam


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anyone knows the detailed contents regarding CSFAC exam, what subjects are going to be tested (anesthesia, radiology, pathology & lab , ICD10, laws & regulations, ....) and how many questions per subject ? I am going to take the exam in a month. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
contents of exams are not public

I have proctored several exams. The exams are confidential. Coders are under contract not to speak of the contents. Not sure what you are looking for but this is a specialty exam. The COSC study guide goes over E/M, CPT codes from multiple sections and commonly missed concepts. I would look at your study guide for the answer to your question.
Thanks a lot for the information

I just want to know a little bit more details such as how many topics altogether and how many questions per topic like they break it down in the CPC exam. thanks a lot for the information.

Duc Nguyen, CPC