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Help! We are opening a new GI endo center. I have been told the billing needs to go on a UB-04 form. Besides that I have no idea what codes are to be billed; ie, colonoscopy with biopsy?? Where do I find information??

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Don't you have coder's in your facility? ASC bills needs to go to UB04 on all claims besided Medicare. Even tho you are an ASC MC claims needs to be submitted in a HCFA1500 forms. With regards to coding, in your cpt book, you can start by going to the Surgery/Digestive system. GI has a wide section of CPT to choose from. Ex. if you are going to do a diagnostic colonoscopy code is 45378 and if there is a biopsy, 45380. If polyp was snared or removed by different techique, there are corresponding cpt codes for those. Screening colonoscopies can be found on HCPC book. FYI
I know the codes for billing physician services; diagnostic and screening. I was under the understanding that everything billed for the facility was on a UB-04. Also I have been told that revenue codes have to be attached to some/all of the items on a UB-04. Do you bill for the use of the scope, the monitors, etc or is all of the included in a charge for use of the facility?
yes you have to use Revenue Codes as well. Please dont take this personally but I hope that you and your superiors do your research about facility coding and billing prior to opening the doors.