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Pavan Kumar Banka

Career Summary:
AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) (Member ID#: 01160823), with 10+ years of experience in Medical Transcription Services related to US Healthcare Industry, with an experience of working in various capacities.

Career Objective:
Accomplished Quality Control Associate seeking to leverage background in people management, and quality and productivity management in favor of an entry-level position in Health Insurance related operations. Extremely motivated in changing career and eager to contribute to the company's Health Insurance related operations.

Work Experience Summary:

o Maintaining client relations by gauging their requirements and constantly updating them on the progress made.
o Generating reports and apprising the Director and/or US Office through teleconferences and e mails.
o Handling day-to-day operations across team working on different clients.
o Ensuring appropriate distribution of the received workload in the team to achieve TAT.
o Researching and preparing appropriate reference material/updates to facilitate continuous learning of team members.
o Specialty knowledge, tools of transcription, quantity & quality focus, soft factors like punctuality and discipline.
o Maintaining quality in operations and meeting clients' expectations and targets.
o Conducting monthly performance reviews of Associates, along with the Production Manager, and offer assistance in excelling performance.
o Mentoring the on-job trainees including setting targets, and providing appropriate guidance.
o Planning strategies for distribution of new clients to the experienced Associates and ensure smooth transition of old clients to relatively new Associates ensuring satisfaction of both the new as well as old clients.


Transcription Skills:
Transcription: 1000+ lines per day @65 characters per line.
Proofreading: 2500+ lines per day @ 65 characters per line.
Unit Coordination: 6000-8000 lines per day @ 65 characters per line.
Typing Speed: 70 wpm.
Accuracy: 99%+ Consistently

Personal Skills:
Capable of working in any role based on what the task in hand demands.
Capable of multitasking without compromise of quality.
Capable of managing a group or team.
Capable of training people with the acquired and existing knowledge in transcription industry.