Gold Canyon, AZ
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We are a large vision group consisting of O.D.s & Ophthalmologists/Ophth. surgeons. Is there any potential conflict for one or our O.D.s to be able to perform A-Scan (CPT Code 76519) and results sent to our Ophthalmological surgeon? This has come up in the past, and NEVER received a solid answer. As long as the surgeon signs off on it, the only issue is cost to bill, right? Further confusion is that I had been told in years past the A-Scan could be billed at a higher rate if it was done under the surgeons name on a different day than if done under an O.D...which is why our facilities always do them under the surgeons name (and have been told to do so). Is this correct or not??? Your help would be so greatly appreciated. 😇 D Walp, CPC, COPC, CPMA