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First question, is an office appointment that is conducted via video still considered a face-to-face appointment?

Second question, the patient is in the office, but the physician is in another state conducting the appointment via video. I believe this would still be billed with modifier 95, but have questions on the E/M code and POS. I'm thinking the POS might still be 11, but would the E/M be the 99211-99215, or the 99421-99423? I thought it would be the 99421-99423 but I don't have any experience with E/Ms.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Hi there, whether you can still perform an office visit via telehealth and the modifiers or place of serviec depends on the payer.

An online visit is not the same as a telehealth visit. Please read the guidelines for online visits.
as of today this would be telehealth. you would bill it same as an office visit with the 95 modifier. for out of state providers check state guidelines for the both states & make sure that provider is licensed in both. a good portion of states are part of the new pact which eases licensing processes a bit so check that out also. there is a pretty good webinar on youtube straight from the AMA on this topic so check that out too!