Question PCP not changed what to do?


Howell, MI
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I have a BCN Patient who has been contacted several times to change her PCP on her insurance. the last contact I made with this Patient was last month 08/21. When I called BCN today 09/08/21 to verify that the patient had contacted them to make the PCP change, BCN informed me that the patient had not contaced them since 04/21. I've aleady had to do 2 write offs on this patient and my office has called her at least 5 times in regards to her changing here PCP to our provider, she say's she will call BCN everytime we contact her. This patient has an upcoming appt with our office in a week. Is it legal to tell this patient that she must see the PCP that is listed on her insurance and that she can not see our provider unless she changes here PCP to him? I just feel like I'm getting the run around and would rather not have to do another write off. Any insight would be greatly appreciated