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Does anyone have any input on how to meet PQRS guidelines for hospitalists? We deal with the patients that are admitted as inpatient or observation only so we never really have follow ups after they are discharged - I know some hospitals take care of it from them but we are considered a separate entity and wish to comply. We are having a hard time coming up with measures we are able to meet and our research also indicates that going through a registry rather than trying to do claims based data is better. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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Trisha Priest HIM Director

Hi, I am at a CAH and we are attesting for any physician we billed for in 2015. When we realized how resource intensive this process is, we contracted with a firm to help us. A few measures we are looking at for our hospitalists are measures: 130, 47, 32, 33, 18, 7. These physicians also work in our RHCs. We have specialty clinics for various conditions. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the measures, review several charts for your hospitalists and see which categories they fall in. Are you attesting for any of your anesthesiologist, surgeons?

This is a huge undertaking. We keep in mind it will get easier for next year!

I hope this helps some, here is my email address if you have more Questions: ppriest@cassregional.org