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    OPIB during Global Surgical Period

    Hi, friends! Question for all of you Global Surgical Period experts *****Background***** Patient is OPIB (outpatient in bed or bedded outpatient status) who is neither inpatient nor observation but is occupying a bed in the hospital.... *****Scenario 1***** Patient just had surgery and I, as...
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    Question HPI Copy and Paste

    I have a Hospitalist that copies the ER provider's HPI and pastes it into their note with "Per ER MD:" as the title. Is this allowed? My gut tells me no, but I have searched all over to find a guideline that specifically states that the provider must document in their own words, but have been...
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    new to billing inpatient claims for behavioral health hospitalists

    Dear colleagues: Hospitalist on rounds to see non-MCR patient for first time is called back later in the day for another different issue for the same patient. Initially, the first time the patient was seen was recorded as new patient, and 2nd time on this same day, doctor entered "established...
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    Hospitalists performing visits at I/P psychiatric facility

    We have a group of hospitalists (NPs) who perform medical evaluations (H&P) at an inpatient psychiatric facility. We are billing E/M codes 99221-99223 for the H&Ps and the psychiatrists are billing their psych codes. Our diagnoses are primarily medical. However, in a lot of cases the patient...
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    Split/Shared IP/OP Hospital Consults

    When a PA Hospitalist performs a IP/OP consult in the hospital without the MD present. Does the MD Hospitalist have to have a face-to -face visit with the patient and also document elements of the visit in addendum to the PA's consult note that they performed personally? -or- Can the MD just...
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    Hospitalist OP ICD10-CM assignment question

    I am doing the billing (99221-99239) for our hospitalist that see our patients in the hospital and am unclear when deciding the ICD-10CM codes to use... if the patient's admitting diagnosis are different than the subsequent visit diagnosis and different than the discharge diagnosis, how do I...
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    When should i be using modifier AI for hospital based coding?

    From my understanding you append a Modifier AI if the physician billing for the charges is the same physician that admitted the patient. Can someone please elaborate on this for me. and provide examples if possible. That would really help me put it into perspective.
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    Hospitalist delivery. Can I bill for my OB provider

    Any help anyone could provide would be helpful. Patient arrived at hospital in labor, her OB doctor was called, but it was a precipitous delivery done by the hospitalist. Her provider arrived one minute after the delivery and assumed care (was her OB throughout the pregnancy as well). The...
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    Discharge and Readmit on same DOS

    I have a patient that was discharges from OBVS and came back into ER an hour later admitted to OBVS again. Dr. 1 discharged, Dr. 2 readmitted both from same hospitalist group. Can I bill the discharge and admit on same day with a modifier? or how would that work? Thank you.
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    PQRS for Hospitalists

    Does anyone have any input on how to meet PQRS guidelines for hospitalists? We deal with the patients that are admitted as inpatient or observation only so we never really have follow ups after they are discharged - I know some hospitals take care of it from them but we are considered a separate...
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    Hospitalist Admit/Discharge Elective Surgical Pt

    Currently I work for a hospitalist group. this group has started to admit to inpatient and discharge Elective Surgical patients. our questions are; can they admit and discharge an elective surgical pt, what about the global period, what about the dx - shouldn't the dx be for comorbidities...