Wiki Primary Payor Determination - HELP! BH Offices and Beyond

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I need some help please.
I am working with some Behavioral Health Offices that are having some issues determining Primary Payors. I am looking for a chart or decision tree or anything that will not only look at Medicare vs Group Health but all payors. Because more often than not we are billing across Medicare, Group Health, Medicaid Medical Plan, and RHBA.
While I can look at these and determine, prime, secondary, tertiary I am having a difficult time being able to give them the tools to be able to do it on their own ongoing... Because the RHBA has been the main Behavioral Health payor for so long it is very challenging to have them look at all four payors and be able to sefl evaluate it... Does anyone have any tools or forms that you use that could be of any help? :eek:
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give....