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help with coding/billing

  1. K

    administration for oral Dexamethasone

    Our pediatrician wants to bill J8540 for the oral medication; which I believe is accurate, but he also wants to know if there is a CPT / HCPCS available for administering the oral medication. I've reviewed the HCPCS 2018 book, and have only come across H0033, but it's under the Mental health...
  2. K

    TFN Blade Shortening Procedure?

    How would you code this? Any guidance appreciated! PRE-OP DIAGNOSIS: Painful hardware left hip HPI: Had a left gamma nail placed. The fracture healed with compression and the screw slid laterally. This became painful. She has a hard time laying on that side and has pain with walking...
  3. O

    NP in Credentialing Process

    Can anyone give me some advice on if we are in compliance by allowing our NP who is in the process of being credentialed(apps already submitted) to see the patients on her own without the provider going in the rooms with her but who is readily available to answer any questions she may have...
  4. J

    Wiki Primary Payor Determination - HELP! BH Offices and Beyond

    I need some help please. I am working with some Behavioral Health Offices that are having some issues determining Primary Payors. I am looking for a chart or decision tree or anything that will not only look at Medicare vs Group Health but all payors. Because more often than not we are billing...
  5. O

    Correcting Codes

    I work in a practice where the providers do all of the coding before its signed off on, occasionally they look over small errors such as duplicate codes or incorrect codes. Do the providers have to make the addendum to correct those errors or am I as an office manager able to make that addendum...
  6. M

    Bronchoscopy Coding -- HELP PLEASE

    I am very new to coding for different bronchoscopies and I wanted to post this report and see if I could get some feedback as to whether or not the community thinks I am doing this correctly. I coded the following reports as: 31652 and 31624. DX: R59.1 and R91.8. Description: Patient was...
  7. U

    Medicaid Replacement Plan billing question

    I'm pretty new and billing/coding and need clarification when billing for Medicaid Replacement Plans. I work at an urgent care center. (Aetna Better Health of Missouri) 1. Can we bill the Medicaid replacement plan for labs that we send out like 87491 and 87591 or do the Labs need to bill the...