Wiki question: is layered closure included in hernia repairor coded separately?


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If the skin is closed in layers at the end of an inguinal hernia repair(49505) can I code for the intermediate layered closure 12032 or is it included in the hernia repair code?

Even if it isn't a simple closure? as in the skin was then closed in layers subcutaneous and dermal....
Here's one way to think about it: your doctor made the incision to repair the hernia, therefore closure is included. He couldn't do the repair without making the incision and completion of the surgery could not be obtained without closure. You would never code for closure. As stated in surgical guidelines, it is inclusive.
You would never code for a closure outside the integumentary system and (I believe) the Neurosurgery area perhaps. Be aware there are very few black or white lines in coding!

For purposes here, closure is inclusive--regardless of how achieved.