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Hi guys,

I was hoping someone could help us. A patient came in for a Remicaid infusion. The drug was mixed, and the infusion started. During the infusion the patient had a reaction and the infusion had to be discontinued. Because the drug was already mixed, the remaining infusion had to be discarded. As you know, Remicaid is a VERY expensive drug, so we are wondering how we can bill for this? The patient did not receive the entire infusion, but once he/she had the reaction the infusion had to be stopped and we had to dispose of the remaining drug. Because it was mixed, it's difficult to say how much of the infusion the patient actually received and how much was discarded. How would you bill for this?
Check out the HCPCS JW modifier

I think the use of this modifier could be applicable to this situation as this takes into account the drug wastage. You would bill the amount originally administered, and for the remaining amount that was wasted you would append this modifier. Would probably need to supply the chart notes as well. You didn't say who the carrier is.
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