Remote Physicians Office Alaska - New Practice Credentialing/Reimbursement Schedule

Anchorage Alaska
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I am currently working for a group practice that serves both the Anchorage, AK area and the Kodiak, AK area. Kodiak being a remote service location with minimal clinic and hospital coverage for maternity care. The practice is new and wants to be able to charge a higher remote service location fee schedule for the Kodiak, AK office since this area generally gets reimbursed at a higher level because of the location whereas they would also like to charge a lower fee schedule for the Anchorage, AK office because it would not be considered remote and is in the city. How can one do this while still using the same Tax ID, NPI, etc? Is this even possible or will they need to separate practices?

I was also wondering if it is okay to charge insured and uninsured patients alike for the travel costs associated with the providers traveling back and forth from Anchorage - Kodiak since these are non-covered services? The provider has in the past had the patient sign an agreement to pay these travel charges out of pocket 100% as non-covered services. Is this okay?