1. P

    Wiki Remote Patient & Therapy Monitoring

    I'm looking to see if someone can provide me either a simple note example or a documentation template for Remote Patient Monitoring (CPT 99453-99458), or Remote Therapy Monitoring (CPT 98975-98981). We have provided the providers the information that needs to be included; however, they are...
  2. C

    Wiki 6 years as Financial Counselor looking for CPC part time or unpaid internship.

    Currently employed with Optum as Patient Care Coordinator, previously a Financial Counselor with SSM Health Corporation. Same role, different position title. Been a financial counselor for total of 6 years working with billing and insurance. Recently graduated from Herzing December 2022 with...
  3. K

    Wiki Resume

    Hello. I am CPC Certified and looking for a Part-Time Billing or Coding position. WFH preferably. I have 17 years of healthcare insurance experience (dealing with claims, prior-authorizations, billing & benefits). I have a Bachelors of Science in Health Administration and Health Information...
  4. D

    Wiki 93294 remote check while inpatient- cardiology

    93294 billed while inpatient. Medicare denied. Can a Biotronik PM be remotely checked when pt is in the hospital?
  5. K

    Wiki CPC-A with strong data entry skills ready to work full-time | Remote | CRC Exam next month

    Hi! I am a newly certified CPC-A that is seeking full-time remote employment. I scored 89% on the CPC exam two weeks ago and am currently scheduled to take the CRC certification exam on July 23. I have exceptional data entry skills from a computer programming degree and strong analytical skills...
  6. S

    Wiki Can I work remotely outside the US/internationally?

    Hi fellows. I am a CPC and I am working on-site as a medical biller/coder. I know it’s kind a weird question but I am leaving the States in a few months because of family issues. I will go back to my hometown where it’s outside of the country for several years. I am looking remote coding jobs...
  7. P

    Wiki CPC-A with experience as CNA in Danville, IL

    Previously a CNA working for our veterans, I am a CPC-A looking for a remote position. Dedicated and focused, I am studying through Practicode to gain experience and have the apprentice status removed off my certification. I am detailed and very much a team player with business references that...
  8. T

    Wiki Remote Coding Supervisors

    Hi all! I am a remote coder, currently working as a Pro-Fee coder. I am just curious about some opinions. If there are any remote coding supervisors in here that would share your experience as such. I have had great success with my, so far short lived, career. I often feel confused how I have...
  9. P

    Wiki Help finding remote work

    Hello, passed my CPC the first time back in September. I am currently working on practicode. I would like any info for any company hiring a remote CPC-A part time/ or per chart basis. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  10. W

    Wiki New CPC-A also BSN RN looking for coding position remote

    Hello, My name is William Stephens. I just recently received my CPC-A, and I am currently starting the practicode program as well. I have 8 years of experience as an inpatient RN (registered nurse) and 3 of those years with experience as a hospital nursing supervisor/coordinator. Below you will...
  11. J

    Wiki Conscientious, detail-oriented individual seeks to build career in risk adjustment coding.

    Recently completed AAPC CRC course, sustained dedication to learning, excellent organizational and analytical skills, ability to clearly communicate technical information, solid work ethic and a desire to contribute to the growth and optimal functioning of an organization. Please see attached...
  12. M

    Wiki Looking for Remote Part Time Position

    I am looking for a part time remote position. I am very dedicated, organized, and knowledgeable.
  13. E

    Wiki CPC Remote

    Hi I'm a CPC (Bilingual-Spanish) with 8 years of experience with knowledge in Chiropractic Services, Physical Therapy, EMG's, medical records, data and payment entry, audit and aging reports to address and resolve any coding or billing discrepancies and HIPAA compliance. Motivated and...
  14. S

    Wiki Experienced CPC-A looking for FT remote position or on-site position in North Florida

    Hello! My name is Kristen Suggs. I am a certified medical coder with a CPC-A with current coding experience. I am looking to relocate to North Florida and therefore would need to leave my current Coder I position. I would prefer to work remotely, but would definitely consider on-site positions...
  15. Mtee

    Wiki Flexible hours remote coding companies

    Hello, Does anyone know of remote coding companies that offer flexible hours? Such as being able to set your hours as long as you meet a weekly work quota or have totaled 40 hours or some other arrangement. Or remote coding companies that pay per chart or per code? Thank you for your help...
  16. C

    Wiki Interventional radiology coder, CIRCC, seeks permanent remote position

    Recruiters, please respond to post in this forum with your contact info. I will receive an email alert and respond to you. Anonymous resume is attached. Thank you
  17. J

    Wiki URGENT: Neurosurgery Coder Needed

    In urgent need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in NEUROSURGERY and E/M coding. DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
  18. J

    Wiki URGENT: Orthopedic Coder Needed

    In urgent need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY and E/M coding. DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
  19. J

    Wiki URGENT: Ophthalmology Coder Needed

    Hi AAPC Ophthalmology Coders - Aviacode is in URGENT need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in OPHTHALMOLOGY coding (part-time). DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
  20. E

    Wiki Employer info on globonics

    Does anyone have any insight on a company called globonics located in sugarland, texas? They are currently hiring quite a few employees for at home work.
  21. E

    Wiki CPC Experienced remote OBGYN/Midwifery and Orthopedic coder seeking Part time remote

    I am a Certified Professional Coder through AAPC with a Coding and Billing Specialist Certification through USCI. I am currently seeking a part time remote position and I am willing to code for different specialties. I have experience coding for not only OBGYN/Midwifery and Orthopedics, but also...
  22. M

    Wiki CPC with 5 years billing experience also. Looking for REMOTE work. Hours negotiable!

    Hello! I am a highly motivated, hard-working individual seeking to continue my love of working in the medical field. On my attached resume, please note that I am quite familiar with computers, and am able to adapt to new software quickly. I have held my CPC since 2015 and have done office...
  23. M

    Wiki details of working remote...

    My current job is at a local hospital, but i deffinatly am interested in working remote in the future at some point. However ive heard so much that i really want a real idea of whats its like, ive heard some companies hire you FT then after a few works have no work for you? do some companies...
  24. C

    Wiki Military spouse remote overseas coding

    Hello all, I have a friend who is CPC certified who had an interesting question that I just didn't know the answer to at all. I was hoping someone could help me out. If her husband is stationed in Italy, Germany, Japan etc. are there any companies that offer remote coding? I assume that the...
  25. S

    Wiki CPC with over 12 years of experience, seeking full-time, Remote Profee role

    CPC with 12 years of experience, seeking full-time, Remote Profee role I am a Certified Professional Coder, CPC, Licensed by AAPC. I have over 12 years experience in Profee/Physician Coding, seeking a Remote Profee Opportunity. I have extensive experience in Profee Coding, Medical Terminology...
  26. C

    Wiki Cpc-a iso remote medical coding position

    COURTNEY GAINEY CPC-A 678-654-7644
  27. A

    Wiki CPC Coder with 6 years experience seeks part time remote position. Contract work ok.

    My name is Adrienne Meyer and I have been coding for over six years. I have experience with HCC Coding and am currently employed as a Medical Records Coder for the Family Medicine Department for the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio Texas. I am looking for a part time remote position. I...
  28. E

    Wiki Remote Physicians Office Alaska - New Practice Credentialing/Reimbursement Schedule

    I am currently working for a group practice that serves both the Anchorage, AK area and the Kodiak, AK area. Kodiak being a remote service location with minimal clinic and hospital coverage for maternity care. The practice is new and wants to be able to charge a higher remote service location...
  29. M

    Wiki CPC-A looking for Remote Employment

    Hello, I have 1 year of education experience in medical billing and coding. I am a military spouse who frequently moves around the U.S. I am looking for long term employment where I can continue to learn and grow in the field of coding. Thanks Amanda Moffeit
  30. J

    Wiki Remote Coding Job for Apprentice?

    Hello Fellow Coders! I am a CPC-A, still no experience. Base on your experience. Is it possible to get a remote coding job when you do not have experience? Thank you in advance!
  31. H

    Wiki CPC with 1+ year of experience, multi-specialty, midwestern Illinois

    Completed credentialed AAPC Medical Billing and Coding Program in July 2017. Earned CPC in June 2017. Willing to travel initially if there is a possibility of position becoming remote. Otherwise looking for a position located in midwestern Illinois, southeastern Iowa, or northeastern...
  32. M

    Wiki How Does a New Coder Find Work?

    Hello everyone, I just took my CPC (haven't heard back yet) and have a bachelor's degree in Health Information Management. I am trying to start my coding career but it seems like no one is looking for new coders. I don't really have any expereince as a coder but I do work in the financial...
  33. J

    Wiki OBGYN coder seeking REMOTE job

    I am seeking my first REMOTE coding opportunity. I am currently coding OBGYN, and have for 9 years, in a large private practice and have mastered all aspects of billing to include coding, claims, denials, payment posting, revenue cycle management, AR and collections. As project manager or team...
  34. J

    Wiki Experienced OB-GYN coder seeking REMOTE

    I have 9 years coding OB-GYN, claim submission, denials, revenue cycle manangement, etc. and am seeking full time opportunity. Tremendous work ethic, extremely fast learner, leadership qualities. Prefer REMOTE as am located in Montana. Any tips on how to start in REMOTE coding? Should I try...
  35. L

    Wiki Certified Professional Coder, Certified Coding Specialist, Certified Coding Associate

    Here is a quick summary of my qualifications. My full resume is attached as a PDF, including my contact information. I am looking for an entry level position as a medical coder. My email is Certified Coding Specialist — AHIMA [Nov. 2016] Certified Coding Associate —...
  36. C

    Wiki Experienced CPC looking for remote opportunity

    I am a certified coder (CPC) with almost six years- experience in a wide range of expertise including remote coding. I have experience in outpatient hospital (including a teaching facility), profees, risk adjustment, and physician E/M. I have experience in the following specialties: family...
  37. C

    Wiki Experienced CPC looking for Remote-UTAH

    I am an experienced coder looking for a part-time remote position. I have experience in ophthalmology, physical therapy/orthopedics, risk adjustment, and EKG/ECHO. I am a very quick learner and will catch on to any specialty. I have experience in both hospital outpatient coding and physician...
  38. A

    Wiki Experienced HCC coder looking for remote position

    Please see my resume for experience. Thank you!:)
  39. D

    Wiki CPC Looking for Remote Medical Coding Position (HCC/CRG experience)

    Hello. I am a Certified Professional Coder looking for a remote position. I am willing to accept seasonal, temporary, full-time or a part-time position and will work any shift. I am ICD-10 proficient, had two years of formal coding schooling prior to certification and have experience with risk...
  40. C

    Wiki Coders Needed! Remote or in NJ Office

    We are looking for E/M and Oncology coders. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. Minimum Experience: 2+ Years Multi-Specialty, EM, Wound Care Experience a plus. Please send your resume to...
  41. Z

    Wiki CPC-A, Honor Grad - Resume feedback, please

    Hi, I am an honor graduate from Career Step (Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS) and I am certified through AAPC (CPC-A). Would somebody be willing to review my resume and let me know what you think, please? Good points, bad points, etc. Being a military spouse and living...
  42. J

    Wiki ◇ CPC-A seeking part-time remote coding/billing position ! ◇

    Email me at: Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education ◇ Received my CPC at a Community College...
  43. J

    Wiki CPC-A looking for part time remote position !

    Email me at: Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education...
  44. C

    Wiki Pulmonology Coders Needed- Remote Full Time

    We are looking for pulmonology coders. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. Minimum Experience: 2+ Years Specialty: Pulmonology Please send your resume to and This...
  45. T

    Wiki COC Looking for Remote Part-Time Medical Coder ED, SST, OB/NB Hospital Coding

    I am currently a full time medical coder for a large hospital. I work at home and I am looking for additional work as a part time remote coder. I am a COC and have 3 years experience working in ED, OB/NB, Ambulatory Same Day Surgery and more. Please email at if I may be in...
  46. A

    Wiki Remote Coding Companies?

    Has anyone ever worked for or is currently working for any remote coding companies? I've applied for a few but scared of being scammed :( So far I've heard of Aviacode, DuvaSawko, and CIOX Health. Any info at all is appreciated!!!
  47. D

    Wiki Looking for a Remote Part Time coding position. i am located in Illinois...

    I am looking for a part time coding position. I am located in Illinois. Can anyone help? Marcy M.
  48. LoriCox

    Wiki Experienced Remote Cardiology Coder Needed

    Medkoder is looking for an experienced cardiology certified professional coder with extensive knowledge of diagnostic cardiology coding and E/M. This is a FT Remote permanent position that offers the opportunity to work a flexible schedule. Qualifications: Education/Cert: A minimum of a...
  49. S

    Wiki Certified Medical Coder seeking remote or onsite positions

    I have recently completed the AAPC online Medical Coding course and have received my CPC-A certification. I am looking to join a company that I can learn and grow with as well as apply the skills I have learned. I am open to remote and onsite positions. I have a quiet home office where I can...
  50. H

    Wiki CPC-A Seeking Remote or Nearby entry Level Coding Position - Palatine, IL

    Motivated, personable, punctual, honest, detail oriented and an excellent team player. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Flexible and versatile – able to remain calm and helpful under pressure. Excellent problem solver. My resume is attached. Kindly...