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I have a patient with newly diagnosed PAD (new problem, w/ work up) - the doc is ordering noninvasive arterial studies (medicine test 1 prob)

THEN note states ....
however, patient will probably require invasive study, this will probably cause him to go into permanent renal insufficiency requiring permanent dialysis. If this studies are not performed, he will wind up losing both lower extremities to amputations secondary to his arterial insufficiency

What would be the associated RISK?

I'm leaning towards HIGH because threat to bodily function - process of healing - any suggestions??
can't code "probably" .... patient might not even elect to have further studies.
your risk would be based only on what is definate...
{that's my opinion on the posted matter}
so if they are doing cv imaging w/ no contrast but the patient does have risk factors ..... would you say ..... Moderate Risk?
I'd say it was "HIGH" - cardiovascular imaging studies with identified risk factors - under the Dx Procedures Ordered.