Question rt/lt modifiers for anesthesia??


Aloha, Oregon
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Hello All,

I'm being asked to add the RT or LT modifiers to anesthesia codes for the following insurances: Harvard Pilgrim, UHC, & BCBS of MA.

In my 25 years of billing anesthesia, I've never used these modifier for an anesthesia procedure. Most specifically for 01630, 01400, 01402, 01740
seems for anything shoulder, knee or elbow.

I'm unable to locate any policy or written documentation for this requirement and have asked my billers for direction but am getting no where.

Has anyone else had this issue or request from an insurance ? I'm reluctant to add the mod as it doesn't seem appropriate and would hate to do this and set a precedence for the future.

Any info or advise is appreciated. Especially if you have documentation that supports this either way.