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when attaching the prim EOB to the claim to go to secondary is it necessary to black out other patients on the prim EOB? I always had but am being told not necessary

I fold the primary EOB until it looks like an orgami piece. The only item copied is the top bar (showing service date, modifiers etc.) and the patient's information. If it is a Medicare claim, I will also copy the back pages with the glossary. Hope this helps. Linda
Yes, it is necessary.

If you get your Medicare remitances electronicially, you should be able to get a copy of a "mini-EOB," meaning just that one person's.
They say for HIPPA reasons, however the secondary is covered by the rules of HIPPA.

I attach the Medicare eob and Highlight the patient's name I am requesting payment for.
Surfergirl, you can't do that. Just because the secondary payer is a HIPAA covered entity doesn't mean that you can go and share information with them about patients that they don't need to know about! Covered entities (you) can't just go sharing anything they want with any other covered entity!
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Like Linda, we fold the EOB so only the pertinent information is copied. Or we black out all information regarding other patients.

It would be nice if all payers forwarded claims to the secondary like Medicare does!
I don't think this is really a "minimum necessary" issue. My understanding of "minimum necessary" is that you can only share the amount of information that is necessary on that given patient (for example, you can't divulge a diagnosis to someone who is paying their bill).