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Anna Weaver

Kokomo, IN
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I have a situation where the patient is in the hospital. Patient's family had a visit with the pulmonologist in his office to discuss hospice for the patient. Is there anything that can be charged to cover the family's visit, as it concerns the parent?
I was looking at +99358. But, my understanding of that code is this:
Patient must have been seen on the same date by the same physician (this is a group situation, one Dr see's patients one day, the other the next) the visit must be at least 30 minutes in length (documented) and must only discuss the patient.

So, if Dr. A didn't see the patient, but had the family in for a 35 minute consultation concerning Mom, and Dr. B saw the patient, is there any way to charge anything?

If Dr. A saw the patient, saw the family for 35 minutes, then can charge the subsequent visit + the prolonged non face to face service.

Is this correct? Is there anything other than this code that they would be able to charge? I'm not finding anything else. They haven't charged anything previously and I understand this is a common practice for this office.

Thanks for anyone's help on this.