Shoulder Arthroscopy w/Suprascapular Nerve Block

Plankinton, SD
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Our provider wants to bill for a suprascapular nerve block (64418) performed in addition to arthroscopic shoulder procedures (29806, 29807, 29826). My feeling is that this block would be part of the global package. However, CCI does not bundle the procedures. My provider will want to see documentation to support the fact that this is bundled (if it, in fact, is).
I do shoulder surgeries frequently with the use of 64418 injection prior to any incisions being made. I add Mod. 59 and across the payor board the injection is paid anywhere from $96-200.
Nerve blocks are codeable/billable when they are done in addition to other anesthesia performed (general). If it were the only anesthesia performed, then its part of the global surgical package.