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I've looked through several physical copies of ICD-10-CM and cannot find Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I see the R95 codes on the WHO website, but all of my books skip from R94.8 to R97. Does anyone know the reason for this? I'm trying to find out for my students. Thanks for your help :)
R95 is an ICD-10 code, in the US we are using ICD-10 CM. These are two different code sets. Therefore when you look up codes anywhere on the web and specially the WHO site you need to specify ICD-10 CM
Thank you, Debra! Do you know what the reason might be for the decision to leave it out of ICD-10-CM? It seems like we are using R99 for SIDS now, but I know 798.0 in ICD-9-CM was SIDS-specific, so I was just surprised.