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    Wiki Excludes1 Guidelines

    I'm confused but not confused on these Excludes1 notes, especially when it comes to Z00.00 excludes1 notes. For example, a patient came in today for her CPE and pre-conception counseling was discussed, so the provider coded Z00.00 and z31.69, but I know this is going to get rejected because of...
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    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7512)

    The documentation: Why aren't the risk factors of "hypertension, oral hypoglycemic-treated diabetes, alcohol abuse, and a history of current cigarette use (within the last month)" reported?
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    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7382)

    The documentation: Why aren't the atrophic vagina and large cystocele reported?
  4. L

    Wiki Ventricular Tachycardia Denials

    Since the codes for ventricular tachycardia changed and gained a 5th character, they always seem to be denied. Both unspecified I47.20 and other I47.29. I can't seem to figure out why. It's on E/M charges, cath/PCI charges, EKGs. Practically anytime I use it, (and my docs love to use it) it gets...
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    Wiki "Consistent With" Dx

    Hello, what would you code for the diagnosis? The op report uses phrases such as "consistent with" and "likely" while the path report uses the phrase "suggestive of". I'm an outpatient coder so I'm thinking the only diagnosis I can use is R22.31. However, I thought I heard we could use a...
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    Wiki Does the ICD-10 Name/Description make the code INVALID?

    Hello, we are having Rejections and errors due to ICD-10 Codes coming over with different names/descriptions. IE M46.1 being Bilateral Sacroiliitis instead of Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere specified. We are even getting claims denied because of M54.16 being Radiculopathy of lumbar region instead...
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    Wiki ICD-10-CM dx code for aortic root abscess?

    Does anyone know the 2021 ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for "aortic root abscess?" I can't find anything looking in the 2021 ICD-10-CM book alphabetic index under "abscess" or "aortic root" or "aorta." I'd appreciate any help you all can give me. Thank you! Zofia Mashchak, CPC
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    Wiki Coding R78.81 with F11.10

    I was told by an insurance company that as per CMS Guidelines ICD-10 code R78.81 and F11.10 cannot be billed together. I am having a hard time finding information on the reason why. Does anyone know why these two codes can't be billed together?
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    Wiki Help with dx code for resolved symptoms

    The patient was seen for a sore throat and painful swallowing but the documentation says that the symptoms had resolved. This is the first time the patient is being seen for this problem, but it is an established patient. Z09 seems inappropriate since this is not a follow up visit for the...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Mutually Exclusive

    We are receiving quite a few denials from Ohio Anthem BC/BS due to mutually exclusive codes BUT I'm not sure they are correct. E78.00 (pure hypercholesterolemia, unsp) and E29.1 (testicular hypofunction) is just one example. It seems since October this has been happening regularly. Just...
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    Wiki Paitent seen to request referral.

    An established patient was seen to request a referral for weight loss surgery. A physical exam and ROS were done, but no other issues were discussed, just the referral for weight loss surgery. What diagnosis code should I use for this? Is this even billable?
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    Wiki Code for pill count

    Does anyone have any idea what diagnosis code should be used when a patient comes in to see the nurse for a pill count?
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    Wiki Needle Stick Source Patient

    Hello all, checking on ICD-10 coding for the source patient of needle stick to our healthcare provider...Should I use screening code Z13.89? Or should I use a medical misadventure code? Labs drawn are HIV, Heps, RPR. Any help is appreciated!
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    Wiki Code for levated BP no longer present.

    Code for elevated BP no longer present. Our provider saw a patient with elevated blood pressure without diagnosis of hypertension. At the follow-up visit the patient's BP was back to normal. What diagnosis code is used for the follow-up? I can't find any personal history codes related to...
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    Wiki Foley just to allow wound healing

    Our Director of Nursing has placed a Foley cath so a patient can stay in bed while a pressure ulcer heals. I've coded the foley and the pressure ulcer, but she also wants a code to show that the foley is for wound healing. I'm coming up empty...I don't think it exists. Anyone else have the...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Wellness Code Advice Needed

    In Chiropractic and PT, many patients elect to continue care, paying out of pocket and most often, providers are directed to use HCPCS code S8990 to describe that service. We have always been counseled to use one of the following, non-payable, generic ICD-10 code: Z00.00 "encounter for general...
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    Wiki Help Finding ICD-10 Codes for Medicare

    Hi, I need help finding ICD-10 codes for a Medicare patient. Our provider feels she needs IV Vancomycin due to a bacteria infection. We have had trouble getting intravenous antibiotics for her in the past. How can I go about determining what ICD-10 codes support medical necessity for the IV...
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    Wiki Seeking an Outpatient Coding Position

    I am looking for a secure position where I can use everything I have learned. I am so ready to go :o Will re-locate.
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    Wiki Newly certified CPC-A seeking FT/PT employment in St. Paul/Minneapolis

    I am excited to put my coding skills to use in my new career. Though I have a medical background, when I decided to become a medical coder I had no previous experience in it. Through determination and very hard work I have recently completed my training with an AAPC accredited program and passed...
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    Wiki Steroid Withdrawal ICD-10

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a diagnosis code for "Steroid Withdrawal". Initially, I came up with ICD-10 F19.230; but after researching online, I found that "All of these drugs (Narcotics, Depressants, Stimulants and Hallucinogens), with the exception of anabolic steroids, are considered to be...
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    Wiki An independent and self-motivated CPC-A with accurate and efficient coding skills

    15+ years of experience coordinating projects, administrative duties and processing large volumes of data in diverse office environments. • Certified Professional Coder-AAPC • CPT, HCPCS Level II and ICD-10-CM. • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. • Electronic health...
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    Wiki 97602 is there another code like this that is not an e&m

    I am trying to answer a question on a test and can't use E&M, only CPT, ICD10CM and Modifiers. 97602 is the best match I can find but it's not scrubbing. All that was done was a dressing change in the ER. Can anyone point me on the right path, I'm at a loss.
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    Wiki What icd-10 code should be used in Hashimoto's encephalopathy (HE)

    A patient has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's encephalopathy (HE) which is a very rare autoimmune syndrome. Can you help me with the icd-10 code for it?
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    Wiki Guidelines concering payable diagnosis and provider choices

    Is there a citation that states that an electronic health record cannot limit choices for ICD-10 diagnosing? Is it ethical to only give providers access to diagnosis codes that you know are "payable"? I am really looking for rules, guidelines or statutes that support diagnosis the problem...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Code on final dictated report

    I'm looking for sources/documentation or any information on the risks involved with having the ordering provider's ICD-10 code listed on the final dictated radiology report. Can anyone help?
  26. H

    Wiki ICD-10 coding for agitation and Alzheimer's disease

    Can someone please tell me what ICD-10 code to use for agitation for Alzheimer's Disease? Thank you.
  27. S

    Wiki PLEASE HELP! Radiation soft tissue injury of the brain ICD-10 code(s)

    I am having trouble determining the correct ICD-10 diagnosis code(s) for "Radiation soft tissue injury of the brain". One of my providers is treating a patient for this condition with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He also refers to the condition as "Radiation therapy induced brain necrosis". I have...
  28. C

    Wiki Default coding for Osteoarthritis

    Can anyone tell me if there is any literature that tells what the default codes are for osteoarthritis (unspecified, primary, secondary)? I have heard default is primary, I have heard you have to go to unspecified. Can anyone provide me with any proof/literature to support their position? i.e...
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    Wiki Default coding for Osteoarthritis

    Can anyone tell me if there is any literature that tells what the default codes are for osteoarthritis (unspecified, primary, secondary)? I have heard default is primary, I have heard you have to go to unspecified. Can anyone provide me with any proof/literature to support their position? i.e...
  30. J

    Wiki SIDS in ICD-10

    I've looked through several physical copies of ICD-10-CM and cannot find Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I see the R95 codes on the WHO website, but all of my books skip from R94.8 to R97. Does anyone know the reason for this? I'm trying to find out for my students. Thanks for your help :)
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    Wiki Help! ... Age related loss of the Y chromosome

    Does anyone know ICD-10 code for "Age related loss of the Y chromosome" ? I would appreciate any input...Thanks!
  32. N

    Wiki ICD 10 coding guidelines clarification

    Hello all, I recently ran into a situation in which I would like some other's input on the coding guidelines. In regards to inpatient coding, when looking at the ICD 10 rules you still have the same additional diagnoses (AD) guideline - not going to reiterate it for the sake of this post...
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    Wiki Change in Biological Mesh for Hernia procedures since ICD-10

    Hi all, I'm trying to help a client who's a medical device manufacturer understand some strange data that they're now receiving since the changeover from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Before ICD-10, the majority of biological mesh usage in hernia procedures was for ventral/incisional hernias, but since the...
  34. A

    Wiki Cellulitis

    I don't know if I'm just overthinking this case but can someone please help me! What is the code for Hemorrhagic abdominal wall cellulitis? Thanks in advance!
  35. K

    Wiki F codes for alcohol

    Hate these F codes for alcohol as I am often stymied by this from the guidelines (emphasis mine): The codes are to be used only when the psychoactive substance use is associated with a mental or behavioral disorder, AND SUCH A RELATIONSHIP IS DOCUMENTED BY THE PROVIDER. Do you know how often...
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    Wiki Atrial Fibrillation and Cardioversion

    What ICD-10 diagnosis codes would you use to code for "atrial fibrillation status post cardioversion?" I belive I would use a complication code, but I really do not know since I am not very familiar with coding for cardiology. I would greatly appreciate any help!
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    Wiki ICD-10 Emergency Room

    I can't seem to find a guideline for ER ICD-10 coding. When the clinical impression says " Elbow tendonitis" but then he goes on to say he discussed with patient that this is the likely etiology, do I code the impression or go back to the chief complaint of "elbow pain" Thanks!
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    Wiki Coding Falls Without Injury

    A hospital inpatient falls, but does not incur any injury or other problems as a result of this fall. What primary diagnosis code would you use? Would you use ICD-10 diagnosis code R29.6? Thank you for your suggestions!
  39. Z

    Wiki Help with Sepsis Proteus Mirabilis Due To UTI

    I do not know how to code for sepsis Proteus Mirabilis due to a UTI. How do I code for this??? I did look up some codes in the ICD-10-CM book, but all I could find for Proteus Mirabilis was B96.4. This code does not include the sepsis. I am so confused because Proteus Mirabilis is a...
  40. S

    Wiki Acute Laryngobronchitis- ICD 10 Coding

    Can any one help me to find out the accurate coding pattern for Acute Laryngobronchitis ? I would go for Split coding as Acute Laryngitis (J04.0) and Bronchitis (J40) . Is this appropriate to code like this?? Or Acute Laryngitis ( J04.0) and Acute Bronchitis (J20.9) I would like to get more...
  41. P

    Wiki Certified CPC and ICD-10 seeking billing and coding position remote.

    Hello, I have over 10 years experience in Medical billing and some coding. I've had the experience of working remote and am very self disciplined and will be an asset to any company.
  42. L

    Wiki Conflicting instructions!

    I'm not certified yet, and started the coding course late last year, so just got really going on studying the ICD-10. In the instructions for neoplasm with associated pathological fracture, it says to code for the neoplasm first, followed by M84.5 for pathological fracture. But the example is...
  43. L

    Wiki DX for exploratory laparatomy

    I am trying to find the ICD-10 code for an exploratory laparotomy where the post-op diagnosis is "no injury found" ... I have attempted to search for findings unknown, etc.. but have had no luck! Any suggestions?
  44. A

    Wiki Cva with deficits in icd-10

    Can anyone tell if there is a guideline stating to report neurologic deficits associated with an acute CVA? Is it found in ICD-9, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere in ICD-10. Maybe it's no longer there??? Thanks for the help!
  45. C

    Wiki ICD-10 Allergic reaction to tobacco smoke.

    Can anyone help with this DX please & thank you!
  46. T

    Wiki Humana denial

    Our patient underwent carpal tunnel surgery. Humana has denied the claim stating a modifier is required for this procedure. The other coder in our office & myself were discussing the fact that since ICD-10 has expanded diagnosis codes (like this one) to included specific location, is a...
  47. C

    Wiki ICD-10 O34.21 Maternal care for previous c-section delivery

    I have a question about the use of icd-10 code O34.21. Our providers are using this diagnosis due to our EMR computer system being set up with synonyms linked to icd-10 codes. When they use the synonym: maternal care for patient with previous c-section, it pulls in code O34.21. I am questioning...
  48. C

    Wiki Coding keratoacanthoma as squamous cell carcinoma or "epidermal thickening"

    To those of you who are familiar with the problem surrounding the coding of keratoacanthoma (whereby dermatologists consider it to be a form of squamous cell carcinoma, whereas ICD-10 codes it as "L85.8" (other specified dermal thickening)): Is it possible to code a malignant excision with...
  49. S

    Wiki RH Negative in Pregnancy icd-10 Code?

    What code would you give a RH NEGATIVE for pregnancy?
  50. D

    Wiki New CPC-A coder, ICD-10 Proficient looking for a position around Arlington, TX

    I'm a new CPC-A coder, ICD-10 proficient and I also have a Medical Secretary Associates degree from NDSCS. I have 5 years experience working in the Emergency Department as a Unit Secretary. Please contact me for my resume or other information. Tracey Henderson