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For anyone who is curious about Medicare Advantage plans or other risk-adjusted payor contracts:

Apixio Webinar: Significantly Improve Reimbursement via Intelligent Analysis of Clinical Records

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and providers spend much time, effort and resources on activities to properly risk adjust for beneficiaries given their burden of chronic disease. Many organizations audit MA beneficiary medical charts to avoid missing coding opportunities during each HCC reporting year. This may cost anywhere from $30 to $50 or more per chart. While there are many claims-based vendor solutions to uncover suspect diagnosis codes and to better target potential audit and documentation gaps, these tools miss many opportunities only found in the clinical record. Apixio strives to make these solutions better through the approach below.

Apixio, Inc. automates HCC optimization by comparing clinical and financial indicators stored in both structured discrete data as well as unstructured narrative data found in free text, scanned documents and images. Apixio then compares this information to that coded in claims data and offers the end user the ability to correct the information easily and compliantly. Medicare Advantage RAF scores can therefore be maximized in accordance with regulations based on all of the documentation that's been noted for a patient.
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