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I am probably the only one that would prefer to pay more for recognition than "write" anything. I hate writing! Enough said, any suggestions on topics that would be acceptable to submit? I have everything else completed and am stuck on this requirement.

Also, when I mentioned this program at my local AAPC meeting, no one knew what I was talking about.

Write what you know

Basically that.

I hate writing to be honest but my job is..ecstatic I've got to write something so I get a weekly reminder did I submit it yet.

And it's still in it's infancy. Pull the February and March monthly magazines for what you can show them about the program.

- Josh
Topics for Articles

In what area are you most familiar? Think about the things you are often communicating to others: providers, peers, billing staff, etc. In what area are you considered "the expert" among your peers?

For example, I am well-versed in 1995 E/M guidelines and often publicly speak about the normal distribution of E/M codes in comparison to Medicare's benchmarks. I could write about distribution curves that are outliers, but support based on documentation and patient base. Another topic I often speak about is the difference between the defined parameters (theory) of "Prescription Drug Management" versus the medical necessity of billing a higher code simply because it's a new problem with a prescription (practice). I could write about the difference between 1997 and 1995 DGs, but that doesn't interest me as much, so the likelihood of travelling that path is very low. I am also well-versed in Excel and could write about the importance of using spreadsheets in data collection/auditing.

Do any of these options help you reflect on where you are the expert and what you could write about? You could also compare and contrast anything healthcare related, but what about AAPC certifications? One of our chapter presentations when I was an officer was the comparison of the CPMA to the CPCO. I could possibly write about the similarities and differences between AAPC's CPCO and the Compliance Certification Board's Certified in Healthcare Compliance (the CPCO is AAPC's version of the CHC). But I think I've blocked out sitting for the CHC. I passed and keep up my CEUs to never have to take it again.

Best practices for studying for certification? Survey your peers/chapter and write about the results. Search the forums for topics people are curious about. Do you know the answer or know the background of why such a thing is so? I sometimes assign forum review to my students and ask them to write papers based on what they learned. Do you know how a code/group of codes has/have evolved over time? Compare and contrast again, but what about AAPC certifications versus AHIMA certifications? AAPC versus AMBA?

Keep in mind that 500 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced, 1-inch margins is about 1 page. Double-spaced, all the rest the same is about 2 pages. Introduction, body, conclusion (in E/M land, intro = history, body = exam, conclusion = MDM). This post is not well organized--it's more free thought--but is about 370 words, which is almost 75% of 500 words.
500 word reply

Good idea to write about your specialty or what you are good at. I'm planning to write a piece about my past 8 years auditing for a Endoscopy Center in NYC. Being such a long time, I've seen the company grow from very small to 11 physicians performing procedures there.
Remember you can also write about how you got where you are. Write about your journey and how the AAPC and others helped you get there. All CPC-A could use some encouragement now that they are certified and feeling a little out of their comfort zone in what to do next.
What is the article for? What program are you referring to?

Its one of the requirement to apply for the optional member recognition program.

500-word Article Demonstrating healthcare expertise

Applicants must validate their industry knowledge by writing an article at least 500 words long in a word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word), covering a healthcare topic of their choosing. Writing skills should indicate their level of professionalism, but applications will not be judged or denied on the basis of writing abilities. Since AAPC reserves the right to consider these articles for future publication, applicants must indicate if the article has been previously published anywhere or if it cannot be published by AAPC for any reason.