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AAPC Fellowship Program

Recognizing Ongoing Excellence and Expertise in the Business of Healthcare.

You are part of a select group. You have dedicated yourself to your career and the healthcare community. You have never stopped learning and you have pushed yourself to be the best. We think that effort is worthy of merit and distinction - plus a little help to make it easier for you to stay on top.

A Fellow designation indicates your career achievements and continuous adherence to the ethical and professional standards of AAPC. Fellowship is earned through hard work, written demonstration of your professional expertise, and regular commitment to dedicated leadership in the healthcare community. AAPC invites all certified and qualified members to apply.

Employers Love the Program, Too.

"It’s the best way to describe yourself in one word."

Robin Sherman, Independent Business Owner

"This designation speaks volumes — on just one line of your business card."

Stephanie Cecchini, CPC, CEMC, CHISP, VP Products, AAPC

"The healthcare industry has desperately needed a way to quickly identify true coding expertise from deceptively pretty resumes, especially at a mid and senior level. This is a highly efficient way to recruit the best in the business using a keyword on resume search."

Stephani E. Scott, RHIT, CPC, VP of Audit Services at Healthicity

"This new designation will make it easier for me to find top coding talent. When you are going through a hundred resumes, it’s nice to know which CPC already comes recommended by a current employer and AAPC has pre-established the coder’s experience, which will save hours in recruiting time each week."

Lorraine Sivak, CPC, Director of Auditing and Coding Compliance at Aviacode