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We have an Interventional Radiology group who had a salesman come in and tell them they could make "major money" performing CPT 63056 in their office. From what I can find, this "open spine surgery" procedure doesn't appear to be allowed in the office setting. In addition, I am finding many payers who consider this service "investigational". Description reads:

Is this service allowed in the office setting? Is it allowed to be performed by an Interventional Radiologist in the first place? What kind of payers do cover this service? Any information related to this service will be most appreciated.

Thank you!

You are correct-This is an Open Spinal Procedure that would be performed in a hospital setting. My Neurosurgeons are the ones who typically perform this service and on a rare occasion the Orthopedic Spine MDs I code for have also done this.
Hope this helps!