1. V


    HELP PLEASE If 1 or 2 fractions beyond a multiple of 5 at the end of a course of treatment are not reported separately, then why wouldn't the answer be 77427 x 1? A 71 yr old male patient with hepatic cancer receives 8 radiation treatments, during the course of the treatments the physician...
  2. C

    Question Central Venous Access Device

    Here is my situation: Doctor with hospital performs a Medi-I-Port Insertion CPT code 36561. Radiologist contracted by the hospital provides fluoroscopic guidance (77001) for the insertion. I am trying to bill for the professional component of the fluoro guidance but since the radiologist did...
  3. W

    Question Radiology Professional component

    When billing for the interpretation of an X-ray (PC) do you list the radiologist as the rendering provider?
  4. K

    Question Quick Reference Card for Radiology Diagnoses

    Has anyone come across any Quick Reference Card for Radiology Diagnoses that they would recommend? Mostly for Chest X-rays
  5. S

    Radiology CPT 70450 and 70496

    If the patient had a CT brain ordered and performed without contrast and then brought back to Radiology at a later time that same day, would the service be accurately coded as 70450 and a 70496? I am considering 70470 to report both. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. M

    Radiology coding modifiers for comparison-only views

    Example: patient is being x-rayed for pain in left knee. Physician's report only cites left knee pain as diagnosis. Three views are taken of the left knee. One view is also taken of right knee for comparison purposes. Would it be appropriate to use diagnosis code M25.562 for both procedures...
  7. S

    Radiology: O-arm images

    Radiology practice is asked to read images (post procedure) which were obtained during operative session using O-arm navigation. (O-arm uses fluoro + CT rendering.) Radiology provider dictates separate report. Seeking input on coding and guidelines.
  8. S

    Radiology: O-arm images coding

    Radiology practice is asked to read images (post procedure) which were obtained during operative session using O-arm navigation. (O-arm uses fluoro + CT rendering.) Radiology provider dictates separate report. Seeking input on coding and guidelines.
  9. C

    Stereotactic surgical planning

    Hello, I was hoping someone has some input on this. Our radiologists are doing MRI and in addition to the MRI they provide stereotactic surgical planning for the Neurosurgeons which takes quite a bit of time. We are looking for a code to bill for this if anyone can please provide some sort of...
  10. A

    Limited Vs. Complete Kidney Ultrasound

    Hello... I am reaching out for guidance and advise of the coding of a complete Vs. Limited Kidney US. Per the CPT book it states "if clinical history suggests urinary tract pathology, complete evaluation of the kidneys and urinary bladder also comprises a complete retro peritoneal ultrasound."...
  11. B

    Correct Coding for Renal Artery Doppler

    Good morning! I'm having trouble figuring out the correct code for a patient who came in for a Renal Artery Doppler. The code that I thought was correct, my boss disagreed with. She also presented the question to the provider, and he agreed with her. I guess I'm not fully grasping the way the...
  12. K

    Need Help with NeuroInterventional Radiology

    Hello Folks, We have just received an opportunity to bill for a neurointerventional radiologist. I do not know coding for this specialty. To learn, is buying the Interventional Radiology Coding Reference from ZHealth a good start. Also - is there somebody I can email to ask questions/review...
  13. L


    Can you bill for Gadavist (contrast) from both a 10ml AND 7.5 ml vial? The radiologist used 175 units of Gadavist, a whole 10ml vial, and 10 units from a 7.5ml vial, leaving 65 units of waste In our system, the NDC and pricing is tied to the 10ml vial. How would one bill for this?
  14. W

    Ordering Referring

    Can someone tell me which Types of bills for Part A require an ordering/referring physician on the UB for diagnostic test or DME supplies ordered
  15. J

    Transpedicular approach with decompression 63056

    We have an Interventional Radiology group who had a salesman come in and tell them they could make "major money" performing CPT 63056 in their office. From what I can find, this "open spine surgery" procedure doesn't appear to be allowed in the office setting. In addition, I am finding many...
  16. C

    93922 ABI help

    Radiologists are billing 93922 for ABI with the following documentation: INDICATIONS: r23.3 spontaneous ecchymosis FINDINGS: Right ABI: 1.22 Left ABI: 1.15 IMPRESSION: Symmetric and within normal limits I don't think that's enough. Any insight is appreciated
  17. M

    71045 and 74018

    Has anyone noticed with the new for 2018 chest and abdomen x-ray single view codes that they hit a bundling edit? There is a CCI edit based on "HCPCS/CPT procedure code definition". It does say a modifier can be used, but we're still thinking the edit is in error as these are 2 distinct body...
  18. S

    Automated Breast Ultrasound

    We have been debating the use of 76641/76642 when an automated breast ultrasound is performed. Is it best to use an unlisted code 76999? Or is it acceptable to use the ultrasound CPT? Some are worried about using the ultrasound code since the exam is automated, however, the CPT description for...
  19. G

    HELP!! Radiology/EKG Coding

    I am new to radiology coding and I need some clarification. Here is the scenario: A patient, who is an inpatient, is experiencing shortness of breath. The physician orders a chest x-ray. The radiologist reports in the impression that opacities and pleural effusions are seen. Do we code the...
  20. A

    Coding for Complete Abdominal Ultrasound

    I have CPT 76700 and it was sent to my office with the diagnosis of Z71.1 - Person with feared health complain in whom no diagnosis is made. The patient presented for evaluation of possible gallstones. Our study concluded the patient did not have gallstones. Is this diagnosis still acceptable...
  21. C

    76706 Screening AAA for patient over 75

    Hi any advice for CPT 76706 if done on a patient over 75? The medicare guidelines state they cover this screening for male age 65-75 who has smoked. From the report below, is 76706 the only option? This seems not to be a screening because the patient has a known infrarenal aaa. Could CPT 93978...
  22. T

    ICD-10 Code on final dictated report

    I'm looking for sources/documentation or any information on the risks involved with having the ordering provider's ICD-10 code listed on the final dictated radiology report. Can anyone help?
  23. C

    CPT 76881 - Provider wants to bill twice during one visit

    Hi. Our provider and I are in disagreement and I would appreciate some additional input please. Provider documented a comprehensive US of both the right shoulder and the right elbow during the same encounter. She thinks it should be billed and paid twice, one for each joint. My understanding...
  24. K

    Radiology CPT Coding

    When it comes to radiology coding, where do you get the CPT from, the order or the report? Example: Ordering Physician states to do a Pelvic Ultrasound (76856/76830) but in addition to this the Radiologist also does a complete Doppler (93975). Would you code directly from the order (which is...
  25. S

    Interventional radiology training courses

    Hi All, I am taking on a new role at work which involves reviewing IR charges to ensure the proper procedures was performed and billed. I'm looing for a course in IR that will lay the foundation to understanding the services and as well as information on documentation and coding. Any...
  26. J

    Standing knee (73565) and 2 views one knee (73560)

    When a patient has both a standing knees xray (73565) and then an additional 2 views of right knee (73560), I know that you would combine the views for the right knee creating 73562-RT. However, do you then also bill 73560-59-LT for the left knee?? -Julie
  27. J

    Diagnostic Injection for PET scans

    Hello - I am wondering if anyone has guidance on how to code for the administration of a diagnostic agent that is used for PET scans? I know if a radiology procedure code includes the words "with contrast" then the administration of the contrast is included. However, the PET codes (78608, for...
  28. T

    MRI FUSION FOR PROSTATE BIOPSY in OFFICE question CPT billing-2 questions

    We perform MRI FUSION prostate biopsies in Office setting with a Radiologist that comes in 1x month bringing/using the MRI image disk and Fusion Program that we rent to use and pay him per patient. There is a question of the billing for this by our office. 1.We have been billing 55700...
  29. A

    Rad Onc Encounter Help

    I am new to CHONC world and don't have someone I'm training under, can anyone answer a question I have: If you are coding for an encounter for radiation therapy and they have a secondary malignancy that they are treating, do you still code the primary malignancy too? I was told that we don't...
  30. H

    Radiology Diagnosis Coding

    Is it appropriate to use the result of a Cat Scan exam to support ordering the test? I am being asked to code from the test results when applying diagnosis codes for the encounter when the test was ordered. I feel that since they don't know the result at that point, it would be inappropriate to...
  31. D

    Coding charges dm

    What is the ongoing rate for coding diagnostic radiology per report?
  32. N

    simple radiology

    what is considered simple radiology? I know there is a guidline out there some where
  33. M

    Billing CPT 32555 and 10022 together

    Can I bill 32555 and 10022 together? I think they cannot be, but my manager is saying they can be. Also, can 32555 be done in an ER setting? Our radiology department is saying that it can't be. Thank you in advance
  34. C

    multiple chest x-rays

    Hello, I started coding for a radiology department... we are seeing denials for multiple chest x-rays on the same date they are all medically necessary? 71010 performed by Radiologist A. 7 AM 71010 Performed by radiologist A 10 AM 71010 Performed by radiologist B 4PM 71010 performed by...
  35. P

    Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Billing

    I work for a Neurologist that does a lot of specialized MRI's. We do CSF Flow Studies, Volumetric's and now Spectroscopy's. We have a CPT code 76390 but is not sure if that is to be billed with the Brain MRI as a secondary code. Example 70551 and 76390. And then the next question I have is if...
  36. M

    New Radiology Codes - HELP !!!!!

    Absolutely do not see any new radiology codes that replace 73500, 73510 or 73520. All new codes include pelvis view. What do we use if we do NOT take AP pelvis? If we just take one view of hip, what is the correct code?? Also, with new code 73501, how do you take a unilateral hip with...
  37. S

    Professional CPC for Busy Radiology and Pathology Office

    We are seeking a professional CPC for our Radiology and Pathology Professional Billing and Coding Office. This position is Full-time and would be Temporary, however may lead to a permanent position. We are located in Stroudsburg Pa. and would like to have an in house coder, but will consider...
  38. H

    Interventional Radiology Billing/Charge Sheet 2016

    Hello; I am looking for an updated charge/billing sheet for 2016 Interventional Radiology. Can someone please point me in the direction as to where I can find/buy it? Thank you so much for any guidance.
  39. A

    Radiology Professional Charges

    I am getting conflicting information so if someone can answer my question and tell me where to find the rule I would really appreciate it. I code Radiology and Interventional Radiology and with the new ICD-10 some are saying that my coding should only be off of the patients s-ray report or order...
  40. J

    ACDF coding with 77003 radiology code

    Our surgeon specializes in the spine and thinks that we are able to code 77003 for radiology during a ACDF 22551 for his services only and not the facility. So I guess my question is are we able to put the radiology code on the physicians services? Also would you only put it on the facilty...
  41. Evelyn Kim

    code 78805 & 78806

    I am trying to determine if these codes are for complete studies or if they can be billed each time we see the patient. Example: Patient comes in for WBC Indium injection on the 22nd, on the 24th and 25th we did the scans 78806. can we bill for the78806 each day or only once for the entire...
  42. M

    Question Re: Radiology/MRI coding

    I have a situation that is new to me and I was hoping to get guidance. SCENARIO: A steel worker is having an MRI and it is protocol to have an orbit xray PRIOR to the MRI... How should the orbit xray be coded? (CPT & ICD9) I appreciate any help! Thanks!
  43. M

    Radiology- chest 2 views vs Ribs PA chest 3 views

    Ok, so i know that NCCI edits bundle 71020 and 71101 with an allowed mod and if it's medically necessary. but can someone please explain to me what i'm looking for in a radiology report for these two services to even see if they're both billable or link to me a site that has more info? our...
  44. T

    Wiki adnexal cyst.. dx code...??

    What dx code would you use for a adnexal cyst?
  45. H

    Need CT Help

    Can you bill a 71250 and a 71275 together? If so, are there supporting documents IE: Medicare, AMA, ACR that state the specific rules? Also, when you perform a contrasted study is it appropriate to bill a 36000, when it is done in a physician office? Thanks!
  46. B

    CPC, more then 4 years experience looking for remote coding job.

    I am looking for remote coding position. I have 4 years experience in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology coding. I work for physician billing company where I review charts and assign ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes. After years of having to drive to my work 26 miles one way I would love to work...
  47. J

    Airspace Disease in a chest x-ray

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the correct ICD-9 code for some chest x-rays that indicate airspace disease. Our electronic coder points to 516.9 (Unspecified alveolar and paretoalveolar pneumopathy), but I can not confirm that by any entry in the index. I am also considering 518.89. I am...
  48. C

    Billing E/M Visit and Xray

    I need some help with documentation of some coding guidelines. I work for an orthopedic surgery practice and we are currently setting up our EMR to document E/M visits and have hit some road blocks. I have heard several different places that if you are billing for both the technical and...
  49. J

    Breast biopsy with diagnostic mammogram

    If a provider does a breast biopsy with a clip under ultrasound or MRI guidance can I code the diagnostic mammogram that is done after?
  50. T

    diagnosis for radiology

    If an x-ray is done and the radiologist documents that the right internal jugular catheter needs pulled back 3cm can we code fitting and adjustment of vascular catheter even though the radiologist is not the one who will pull the catheter back??:confused: